Become a member of the Council on Environmental Standards and take your company’s environmental stewardship to the next level. 

For CES CERTIFIED Service Providers – When companies implement, expand, or exceed governmental and other regulatory agencies’ requirements for environmental sustainability, CES loops them into its PREFERRED PROVIDERS referral list for supply chain members seeking vendors with like-minded environmental values. 

From trucking, delivery, and other fleet dependent environmental stewards using state-of-the art products, methods, and procedures for fleet management, including engine fluids evacuation systems that offer protection from  accidental spills of engine oil, fuel, and other fluids in trucks and heavy equipment, to OEMs that send their products out the door equipped with the best available protection for the environment and the health of the mechanics and technicians servicing and repairing their products, the CES PREFERRED PROVIDERS referral list for CES members is growing. 

For End Users – Environmentally committed consumers of CES CERTIFIED supply chain providers can rest assured that when any of these providers are on their property, they are protected from environmental spills and damages.  From the equipment used to excavate and construct their buildings to the trucks delivering goods and supplies, CES provides the perfect match for conscientious supply chain users. 

Other Member Benefits

Free Subscription to the Environmental Standard Magazine, the new CES on-line magazine.

Environmental Education for company leaders and the ones most closely associated with your company’s integrated sustainability efforts. 

Access to Audits, Evaluations and Recommendations for your company’s environmental protocols. 

Annual Update of member-driven, environmental and sustainability business models for the supply chain industries. 

Signage and Media Package –for marketing your decision to advance your company’s integrated environmental process. 

Access to the Certified Environmental Technician (CET) –  certification program for your maintenance staff.

Assurance of IP Protection – CES members make a commitment to protect the intellectual property of creative and inventive supply chain participants. Violators of CES members’ intellectual properties face dismissal from the Council and global exclusion from preferred vendor status.

Invitation to Attend the Biennial Enviro 360 Expo –  filled with training, education, seminars, roundtables, networking, and a look at new products, materials, methods, and opportunities available to members of an environmentally integrated supply cha

Certified Members

Our growing list of certified environmental providers attain that distinction by ensuring their fleets of vehicles and equipment are well maintained and equipped with the most technologically advanced products for sustainability and safety.  From operations to maintenance of their fleets on your job sites, you can be assured these companies bring the best protection available to your job.

Agriculture & Heavy Equipment

James River Equipment / (John Deere VA, MD, NC)

Rish Equipment / (VA, WV)


​Ruan Transportation / (USA)


Sysco Foods / (USA)

BCJ Trucking, Inc. / (Mt. Airy, NC)

Jetco Deliveries /  (Houston, TX)

Construction & Excavating

Digs Inc. / (Charlottesville, VA) ​

Fluor Lane Construction / (USA)

Hendrix Construction / (Lufkin, TX)

Plecker Construction / (Staunton, VA)

Dealerships & Suppliers

​Dominion Energy

Fontaine Modification /USA & Mexico > post-production truck modification services

Houston Distributing (Miller Coors)

Gator Truck Center / (IA)

​Greenbrier Dodge / (Lewisburg, WV)

Mason Motors / (VA)

MHC Kenworth / (USA > Kenworth Trucks supplier)

MHC Truck Ready Center / GA, OH > Post-production truck modification services

Sysco Foods / ​(Houston, TX)

CyberFuels Inc. / (Florida & Missouri)

Dynamic Solutions Industries / (Staunton, VA)


Clean Planet Manufacturing | (Staunton, VA > American manufacturer of superior green, vacuum-actuated, spill-free engine fluids maintenance systems )

Daimler Truck North America / (USA)

Freightliner / (NC & Mexico)

Kenworth / (USA)

Mack / (USA)

Volvo / (USA)

Government & Municipalities

Augusta Regional Landfill / (Staunton, VA)


MODOT / (Missouri)


Roanoke Fire Department / (Roanoke, VA)


Alpha Natural Resources / (WV & PA)

Arch Coal / (WV)

Luck Stone / (GA, NC, SC, VA)

Martin Marietta / (Dallas, TX)