About CES

The Council on Environmental Standard is a pending 501(c)(6) membership association, which has evolved out of the need to bring used fluids management standardization to the supply chain of commerce. At the forefront of this endeavor is a concentrated effort to integrate commerce and sustainability. Leading the charge are some of the world’s most notable corporations, mid-size, small, and micro businesses that are joining the Council.

Their collaborative thinking and progressive efforts to protect soils and waterways and the health of technicians that repair and service vehicles, heavy equipment, and machinery are establishing environmental stewardship standards via integrated maintenance and repair procedures and products.

​Through actually working in the field servicing and repairing vehicles and equipment, our technicians have developed methods and devices that are helping redefine the future of our environment by changing the way the world changes oil and other fluids.

​​OEMs desiring to participate in the engine fluids maintenance revolution are encouraged to explore licensing opportunities and legal requirements for implementing enviro-safe methods and products for…

  • Autos & Trucks
  • Military, Mining, Agriculture & Heavy Equipment
  • Marine & Watercraft
  • Military, Mining
  • Agriculture & Heavy Equipment
  • Marine & Watercraft Machines
  • Oil & Gas Industry Equipment and Vehicles
  • Drivelines
  • Cooling Systems
  • Filtration Devices

CES serves as the catalyst for the world’s commerce leaders to incorporate environmentally useful products into their sustainability process, connect like-minded companies in B2B relationships, and improve their environmental stewardship and annual revenues.