Empowering the Supply Chain to Achieve its Green Ambitions 

CES is an association and news source that supports, educates, and celebrates environmentally proactive supply chain providers. Whether your role in the supply chain system is focused on fleets of trucks and heavy equipment, commercial agriculture, logistics, manufacturing, retail, education, travel, medical, transportation, energy, petroleum, shipping or any of the other global services and product-based industries that satisfy end user needs, CES is for you.   

The council exists to showcase and network forward-thinking suppliers who improve their products and processes to become more environmentally proactive and the consumers who expect and demand responsible stewardship in a world where the environment is center stage. .

​Whether you engage service providers that work to protect soil and water resources, or retrofit your fleet or order cleaner vehicles and equipment, CES salutes you and wants to help you thrive.

​We engage leaders from leading OEMs such as Daimler, Cummins, Volvo, Paccar, fleet owners like Ruan and UPS, and filtration manufacturers to help reduce environment13.al risks. Demands for change from customers and the public alike are driving most of these corporations to find solutions that benefit all parties and concerns. We know the solutions are out there, and our members prove it every day with their environmentally creative technology, methods, and practices.

CES is here to certify your company and help you network with clients who are looking for your services.  

If you are an environmentally focused manufacturer of automobiles, trucks, agricultural or heavy equipment, or if you are an environmentally focused manufacturer of automobiles, trucks, agricultural or heavy equipment, or industrial machinery, CES is committed to driving sales to you.

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Council Celebrates and Recognizes Green Leaders

Fossil Fuels Management Earns UPS Trailblazer and Leadership Awards
CES Celebrates Fontaine Modification’s Sustainability Advancement
Ruan Applauded for Fleet Sustainability and IP Support

CES Welcomes our Newest Green Member, Dynamic Solutions Industries

Please contact us at info@councilones.org, and let’s explore the possibilities for your company.